Spring Touring in TX and AR

We had a very awesome run down into the Texas Hill country by way of Austin and Little Rock this past week….I took Ronnie Lee Gipson with me on bass….He’s been with me since last fall when we did an east coast and a midwest run. He’s a great player. And he’s really good with electronics and takes driving shifts too…who could ask for more?


On the way into Little Rock

On the 18th we played an excellent little Tiki bar/craft cocktail bar/restaurant called Cannibal & Craft. At first I said to Nikkole – “this here’s the address where you start looking if we go missing” but then I realized it was a reference to the Polynesian headhunter caricature associated with Tiki culture so everybody relaxed a bit lol… It was a fun night and I wore my zoot suit on stage for the first time lol…we had to drive most of the night so we could make our gig the next day in Austin at The Grateful To Get Back SXSW Concert at Peace House Farms. Austin’s Ian Bailey joined us on drums.

Grateful To Get Back Concert @ Peacehouse Farms


On Sunday March 20th we played the SouthbySunday Hill Country Jamboree w/Beth Lee, Jorge Castillo and David Newbold. We had a blast and you can check some of the clips out on my youtube page at https://youtube.com/channel/UCcGyue_8DNGwFLDDLd5u1Pw



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