Indy and Chicago in Feb 2023!!!

I can hardly believe how lucky I was with the weather on my recent run up into the midwest in the first week of February. Long ago I had a touring run into the great lakes region in Jan/Feb and my band had to drive thru terrible blizzards and calamity at risk of life and limb and I swore then and there to never again travel up that way during the depths of winter…But I have been working very hard to make inroads in Chicago and was offered an opportunity to be on a great line-up (Thank you Vini!) , so I took it. Sometimes you have to demonstrate to the cosmos that you are willing to withstand the elements to achieve your  goal. So I took a chance and got lucky. And it wasn’t just the weather. I had missed the tag renewal notice and was driving with expired tags. Expired in October lol…So the journey to Chicago and back (Indy on the way up) was a little nervous…I felt it was likely I’d be pulled over but I managed to avoid the law and old man winter both, and made it to my gigs and home again without incident.

The shows were FANTASTIC!! In Indy I got to co-bill with Jethro Easyfields and Thom Woodard and lots of Indiana friends made the trek to come see us and the amazing vocalist/songwriter Jeanne Peterson was in the neighborhood and sat in with us too…I broke out the stand-up bass for the first time at a gig to back Jethro up before I did my own set…


Nice crowd warming up the room for us at Duke’s!!
Mike at Duke’s Indy
photo by Tom Rockwell

Jethro Easyfields and Mike Younger at Duke’s Honky Tonk, Indianapolis

photo by Tom Rockwell

Mike on Bass at Duke’s
Photo by Tom Rockwell

And of course, Chicago was of the hook…Montrose Saloon was packed to the rafters…we were followed by Vinto Van Go, The Jam In Between and The Citronauts and the house was a-rockin’ and we reached the club’s capacity and people were turned away (sucks for them, but hitting capacity at a club is good business from a musician’s point of view)…

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the music! See you again this summer!!


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