Spring Stuff

I had a great run down into Florida to play at the Punta Gorda Hibiscus Festival !

Punta Gorda Hibiscus Festival!!

Got some family time in!

Found the Fountain Of Youth that Ponce De Leone was looking for!!


Playing a show in Gainesville at Lightnin’ Salvage!!

Lightnin’ Salvage is an awesome venue that celebrates diversity.

And we found an awesome Hotel there in Gainesville called Depot Village! Check it out! It has a stage and a treehouse, and great newly renovated rooms…supercool people too!!

In short, there are a lot of good people in Florida that are not represented by the cancel culture warrior Desantis and his enablers. As a Tennessean, I get it. We have the same problem here. Stay strong, Brothers and Sisters and keep shining your light!!

In Nashville, my band Mike Younger & The Tennessee Treehuggers performed live at 3rd & Lindsley on WMOT’s live broadcast Finally Fridays on April 28th and it was a great show! We also played at Dee’s that night on the 8th Annual American Roots Hoedown put on by my friend Emily Hansen at Magnolia Roads Music.

And we wrapped up May playing at one of our favorite new rooms over at the East Side Bowl!!

Andrew Sheppard on drums, Jesse Thompson on guitar, Michael Majett on bass and Mike Younger on guitar

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