Jazz Weekly features Burning the Bigtop Down

Recorded 20 years ago, this album features singer and guitarist Mike Younger teamed with classic rockers like The Band’s Levon Helm/g along with Luther Dickenson/g, Sppner Oldham/key, Jim Dickenson/p, David Hood/b, a horn section and rotating guest team on this mix of rootsy originals. Younger himself has a voice similar to early Rod Stewart, bluesy and raspy, and it works well on the pretty blues of “Together” and swaying “Baby What Can I Say?”. There’s a touch of Dylan in is vocal poetry with some harmonica on “Killing Time” and a Nashville mood a la Glen Campbell is picking and grinning on “Ragtime Angel”. Swampy Memphis fun stomps on “Desdomona” and the NO blues of “Lord of the Fleas”. Better 20 years late than never.


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